Friday, July 27, 2012

Tool 11

This training was really amazing and highly required before we get the new devices in our class.
It was required that teachers first acquire those competencies needed for 21st Century so that they can be ready to fruitfully work with their digital native citizens.

Students should be given a freedom of choice and expression .They should be given a freedom to define their learning goals and research questions instead of answering  Qs. set by the teachers and this can be done only when they become real digital citizens.

When teachers are ready they will be able to provide students an atmosphere of openness and safety and help them to claim ownership of their own learning and own responsibly and freedom in it.

For me almost all the apps and web tools seem to highly useful for the class. Still I like Voice thread which can be used by the students on a Project on Scientific Process. They will be able to see others' readings on day to day basis and compare their conclusion.Google Doc and Prezi is another great tool.


  1. As long as you have taken the test, you are finished. Well done.