Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tool 9

Technology is moving fast so let our students walk with changing time.
In order to make them ready for tomorrow's future we need to equip them with the latest technology.So let us integrate our lessons with technology where they can use all the devices in the most creative way.

The Links which can be used for science are: Thinkinfinity and Interactivate. Students can create presentations and play interactive games.This way they may learn a lot instead of direct teaching.

The apps which students can use are Camera app, Animoto videos, Voice Recorder etc.

Camera will help students record a video explaining a concept using the voice recorder too. Animoto might help them to make creative animated videos. This might be another option for them to show their understanding.
Students might use phone to vote for the correct answer in multiple choice Qs.Therefore if students are given freedom to explore the devices they might be much faster in learning.

Still the actual success of the usage of these devices depends on  their correct management in  classroom.
They need to be accountable for each activity they do on the work station.
I will prefer creating open ended questions for students to complete. 
Create Google Doc. with link to websites or screen shots of activities.
Students will  be asked to sign next to what did they on a work station.

Useful Webtools might be Audiopal, Banner Fan, Time Glider, BBC Home etc

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