Friday, July 27, 2012

Tool 11

This training was really amazing and highly required before we get the new devices in our class.
It was required that teachers first acquire those competencies needed for 21st Century so that they can be ready to fruitfully work with their digital native citizens.

Students should be given a freedom of choice and expression .They should be given a freedom to define their learning goals and research questions instead of answering  Qs. set by the teachers and this can be done only when they become real digital citizens.

When teachers are ready they will be able to provide students an atmosphere of openness and safety and help them to claim ownership of their own learning and own responsibly and freedom in it.

For me almost all the apps and web tools seem to highly useful for the class. Still I like Voice thread which can be used by the students on a Project on Scientific Process. They will be able to see others' readings on day to day basis and compare their conclusion.Google Doc and Prezi is another great tool.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tool 10

We want our students to leave school as confident citizens capable of finding their own path by evaluating information around them and making decisions based on reasoned and thoughtful research and critical analysis.Teachers need to be proactive in this regard.
The information needs needs to be filtered before it reaches to students.

At present simply being able to use technology is no longer enough. Today's students need to be able to use technology to analyze, learn, and explore.

Digital skills are vital for preparing students to live, work, and contribute to the social and civic fabric of their community.

Tool 9

Technology is moving fast so let our students walk with changing time.
In order to make them ready for tomorrow's future we need to equip them with the latest technology.So let us integrate our lessons with technology where they can use all the devices in the most creative way.

The Links which can be used for science are: Thinkinfinity and Interactivate. Students can create presentations and play interactive games.This way they may learn a lot instead of direct teaching.

The apps which students can use are Camera app, Animoto videos, Voice Recorder etc.

Camera will help students record a video explaining a concept using the voice recorder too. Animoto might help them to make creative animated videos. This might be another option for them to show their understanding.
Students might use phone to vote for the correct answer in multiple choice Qs.Therefore if students are given freedom to explore the devices they might be much faster in learning.

Still the actual success of the usage of these devices depends on  their correct management in  classroom.
They need to be accountable for each activity they do on the work station.
I will prefer creating open ended questions for students to complete. 
Create Google Doc. with link to websites or screen shots of activities.
Students will  be asked to sign next to what did they on a work station.

Useful Webtools might be Audiopal, Banner Fan, Time Glider, BBC Home etc

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tool 8

I am able to understand the systems on iPad and setting up iTunes account.
I need to know the process of synchronizing the iPad to the district laptop and the way to get the apps required.

While using technology in the class Internet safety needs to be followed and practiced.
Specific area needs to be set in the class room for the devices and students should be made in charge for distribution and pickup.
Basic rules for handling and usage procedures need to set up and strictly followed along with consequences for mishandling the devices.

Tool 7 Collaborative Project

Human Body: Online Tour

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the Human Body Systems by discovering new fascinating facts while visiting new websites and sharing with classmates.

It will done at the end of second semester.

Websites and Tools: Education World, Body Quest, Human Anatomy Online, Health Trivia, Cardio Doc, Play Doc etc

Students will put their anatomical knowledge to work diagnosing virtual patients. Students check the appointment, choose a patient, check the list of symptoms and consult variety of reference materials to reach a diagnosis.
Students will write and illustrate one health and safety rule they can follow.This rule will be shared as a culminating activity.

Tool 6

Twitter/ Skype/Voice Thread are all are great tools in developing a Community of learners.
Twitter can be used at a time with phone numbers to send some important information.I would be surely using these.

Tool 6

Wallwisher is a good tool for posting a message or instrutions for a Topic.
Teacher might start and students may complete the whole discussion or input their ideas.